Local High Speed Internet Solutions by Inetvisions

Inetvisions is a local leader in High Speed Internet solutions for both in-town and rural locations. Our services are designed on reliability and include features to support both the novice Internet user and the Internet gamer. With Inetvisions, you’re connectivity isn’t limited to the phone company’s operating area allowing you to get Internet where it’s normally not possible.


  • up to 3 Mbps Download Speed with Boost
  • BOOST Enabled
  • 50 GB of Data Transfer Monthly


  • up to 6 Mbps Download Speed with Boost
  • BOOST Enabled
  • 100 GB of Data Transfer Monthly


  • up to 12 Mbps Download Speed with Boost
  • BOOST Enabled
  • 200 GB of Data Transfer Monthly


  • up to 18 Mbps Download Speed with Boost
  • BOOST Enabled
  • 400 GB of Data Transfer Monthly

What is BOOST?

Boost is an innovative way to ensure that when you are utilizing your throttled bandwidth limit you are allowed to BOOST your speed to the specified package limit for the time specified.

This feature allows you to burst the initial period of your file transfer. The duration and speed of the burst varies with the level of service.
After the initial burst period has expired the transfer speed will drop to your normal program speed. Once the threshold is reached then you will be able to burst again.

EX. 3mb BOOST—3mb @ 20 seconds. then drops to 1 mb.┬áThe burst function resets and becomes available after the user drops below the lower rate for the same period of the burst period.

Below are packages and BOOST speeds

3mb download boost –drops to 1mb download–20 seconds

6mb download boost–drops to 2mb download–30 seconds

12mb download boost–drops to 4mb download–30 seconds

18mb download boost–drops to 9mb download–60 seconds

Inetvisions Open Internet Principles

Are There any Setup Charges?

Yes, Inetvisions charges a one-time setup fee of $99.99. You will be required to pay this amount up-front before installation is completed at your location. For more information, contact an Internet technician at (417) 667 – 5570!

Are you ready for game-changing Internet solutions? Contact Inetvisions today! Call (417) 667 – 5570.